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5) Section 1.05           Tennis Program at Woodlands Park

a) Usage of the tennis courts at the District's Parks is restricted

     to tennis members only, with a maximum of 3 guests.

b) Tennis Membership:

     Memberships last for one year
     Residents of the District shall pay a $50 membership fee

     Non-Residents of the District shall pay a $100 membership

        fee annually

c) Refunds will not be issued for canceled or unused tennis

    memberships for any reason

d) Tennis members can book a tennis court up to 4 times within

     a 7-day period.

e) Reservations for the tennis courts can be made a maximum

     of 7 days in advance

     a. Please provide the courtesy of canceling any reservation in

         a timely fashion to allow others to utilize the courts.

f) The scheduling time period is a 30-minute minimum and a

    90-minute maximum

     a. A 15-minute "late arrival" applies before reservations are


g) Court #2 is reserved for resident play Monday and Saturday

     from Sunrise to noon.

h) Tennis court reservations have priority over "drop-in" usage.

i) Tennis instructors who use any District park to provide tennis

    lessons must carry liability insurance of a minimum of


j) Tennis instructors may only occupy the tennis courts for 20

   hours a week.

k) Dangerous or offensive conduct or language is prohibited on

    the tennis courts. If this type of behavior occurs, members

    will be asked to leave the tennis courts.

l) Alcoholic beverages and glass containers are prohibited

   inside the fenced court areas.

m) Black soled shoes are prohibited on the tennis courts.

n) Pets, bicycles, skateboards, chalk use, roller blades, and/or

    motorized vehicles are prohibited inside the fenced court


Tennis Rules

River Place LD owns and operates two first class tennis courts, located at the Woodlands Park. The courts are available to residents and non-residents, but access to the courts are limited to members only. Residential membership is $50 per year, and non-residential membership is $100 per year. 

In October each year, the locks on the tennis courts are changed. Entry to the courts is available to those who have paid the annual fee and completed the Application and Indemnification form for the upcoming fiscal year. The annual fee is used to defray expenses such as the online reservation system, court maintenance, supplies and administrative charges to the LD by Inframark. 
Memberships may be purchased through the online reservation system by clicking here.
 If you have any questions, please email

River Place LD Tennis


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